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Our passion:provide our customers their ever dreamed solution

This is why we have the best engineers to develop innovative, quality software.

Our Mission
Technical expertise, development, consulting, hiring, training.
Our fields
Technical computing (graphics, diagramming, real-time software, data),
networks and communications, mobility)
Our teams
Confirmed software engineers

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Our team

  • Michel Laplane (CEO)
  • Will Blackburn
    Sandra Blackburn(Marketing) 
  • Alejandro Conway
    Alejandro Conway(Support)

Contact Information

ZA Les Portes du Velay
LD Desforanges
43140 La Séauve sur Sémène

Tél : +(33) 04 71 61 58 27
Fax : +(33)04 71 66 59 58

Email : contact@sharevisual.com